Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cutting the hull pieces, building the skeleton

One set of four long pieces (garboard, two middle strakes and sheer strake) marked and cut, with an extra 17 mm added to the width for the laspstrake overlap. The scarf joints definitely need smoothing, and some need strengthening too. The second set was easier because the pieces can just be copied, avoiding the arduous process of measuring, marking the reference points given by the software, hammering nails into the points, bending a piece of wood to the nails and marking the cut line, for each of the eight long edges. I helps that the curves are long and smooth, because gross errors in measurement show up easily by spoiling the curve. It only happened twice out of dozens of points I marked.

Then I built the skeleton of the boat. I cut a piece of 4x6 cm board to the right length, which comprises a strongback stretching between the transom and the fore bulkhead. This was secured on top of three sawhorses, flanked by boards on either side. The mid bulkhead and the rowing thwart bulkhead were nailed and glued on either side of the CB trunk. The transom is nailed and glued to the back of the keel/skeg. The aft and mid bulkhead and the frame at the middle of the side benches are supported by the sawhorses. One frame that will support the benches has two halves that are joined with boards. The transom and fore bulkhead are temporarily screwed to the ends of the strongback. One temporary frame attached to the strongback completed the skeleton. All frames are notched for the keel and the garboard cleats. The seat and sheer cleat notches will be cut as the side pieces are put on.

The next step will be to nail and glue the garboard to the skeleton. I tried it on for fit and it seems all right, but I will need to cut 6 mm off the edge where it abuts the CB trunk, which is 12 mm thicker than the keel. I am hoping to have the hull completed but not epoxied, primed or painted before I go away. The rest, including flipping the boat right side up and putting in benches and decking, will have to wait until next year.

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